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The Society of General Practice (GP) (Společnost všeobecného lékařství – SVL) is a scientific (academic) body for general practitioners, working independently (since 1980 when it was founded) under the umbrella of the traditional Czech Medical Association which is named the J. E. Purkyně Czech Medical Association (CzMA JEP) (Česká lékařská společnost Jana Evangelisty Purkyně – ČLS JEP) www.cls.cz. It is the most influential Czech medical body – more than 130 specialist societies and over 100 local organizations cooperate there together. This umbrella association also publishes the GP journal (Praktický Lékař).

For more than 20 years SVL has a create platform for primary care research, CME, publications, the exchange of expertise, project development and implementation. It serves as a reference body for the Czech government, medical universities and postgraduate medical schools.

Membership in the GP consists of more than half of all practicing GPs in the Czech Republic.

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