Vstup do interní sekce

International activities

Historically, during the existence of Czechoslovakia. The GP had two chapters – one Czech and one Slovak which working independently with their own boards. However there was one “Federal board” and several GP meetings were organised bilaterally. After the division of Czechoslovakia into two parts in 1992, the Czech GP and the Slovak GP separated into fully independent bodies. In spite of the political break up of the Czech and Slovak Republics, cooperation between both societies is very cordial and active.

During the 1980s and the early 1990s GP cooperated with partner general practice organizations in Germany and Hungary occasionally organising trilateral meetings.

GP also became a member of many international academic and professional bodies (SIMG., WONCA, E.A.N.A., etc.) GP representatives have been elected to important functions within these societies and they are invited to discussions at the WHO, UEMO and other organization.

SIMG (Societas Internationalis Medicinae Generalis) was the first international general practice society to accept the GP as a regular member back in the 1980s. In those days when it was nearly impossibile to western countries travel this society helped tremendously to enable Czech physicians to participate in the meetings in Klagenfurt (Austria) and other places. The GP organised a SIMG congress in Prague in 1987. This was a very important event making available much international information on general practice to Czechoslovakian officials and university representatives who participated in this conference. When SIMG was incorporated into the newly created WONCA Europe in 1995 the GP became a member of the largest and most prestigious family practice society.

WONCA (World Organization of National Colleges and Academies, commonly known as the World Organization of Family Medicine) www.globalfamilydoctor.com is divided into regions (WONCA American Region, WONCA Africa, WONCA South Pacific, WONCA Europe etc.…) and currently having its secretariat in Singapore.
The GP is a regular member of the European chapter of  WONCA ESGP/FM (European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine commonly known as WONCA Europe) -www.medisin.ntnu.no/wonca. The GP organised a very successful WONCA meeting in 1997 in Prague which helped both scientifically and economically to our further work. The GP is even represented on the WONCA Europe board (V. Beneš, MD).
Within WONCA Europe they are three organizations - EGPRN (European General Practice Research Network), EURACT (European Academy of Teachers) and EQUIP (European Association for Quality in General Practice/Family Medicine) – all of which have representation from the GP. The GP is especially active in EQUIP (V. Beneš, M.D. and B. Seifert, M.D.) and traditionally it is also active in EURACT (I. Bogrová, M.D.).

WHO is another longterm partner of the GP. Especially high activity, contacts and meetings were organised at the beginning of 1990s during the Czech health care reform when the role and importance of primary care physicians in the whole of post communistic “Central and Eastern European Region” was promoted. During this period partnership and contacts with neighbouring GP organizations (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria, the Baltic countries) were also re-established.

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